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    That Willie was notified he was being let go, while 2020 recruits were still on campus......one recruit even tweeted a single word description of the situation with "awkward". If true......means something meaningful must have happen this weekend to triggered all this, that it finally broke the proverbial camel's back?
    I obviously don't follow FSU close enough to have a real handle on things, but while I've read behavior issues with members of the team were the primary reason for his dismissal....it certainly wasn't an issue when behavior issues happened regularly during the Bowden and Jimbo Fisher time frame of leading the football program........
    Finding the right guy to lead a program like FSU, is not a given....being a Gator fan, I can totally relate to the difficulties in finding the right guy? Have to admit though, I was scratching my head when Willie was named the HBC.......for me it should have never happen in the 1st place, but I'm not one of the guys throwing 20 million together to do buy outs. Will say this however, apparently money or the smarts that went into acquiring that kind of wealth doesn't necessarily translate into making good decisions when it comes to finding the right guy to lead a power 5 college football program?

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    You right, its probably the move that should not have been made... for a multitude or reasons that are probably too deep to get into.

    He was not given as much time as some others would but it was inevitable.... whether they fired him now or a year from now the team likely was going nowhere fast.

    Ultimately it was losing and our performances against our rivals that did him in. The program was already bleeding money and with ticket sales and everything else way down they made a choice they had to make.

    I kinda feel bad for Taggart.... But then again he got $18MM to sit home and figure it out.

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